Konoba Škojera, Trpanj Croatia

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September 2013

Silvia and Darko are in town

Silvia and Darko, our dear guests and friends from Austria are in town

Šampjer, in English John dory ( for our dear friends and guests from Austria. They were here back in May and came again.

our post in May is here

Konoba Skojera


form here

Konoba Skojera

to the grill

Konoba Skojera

Konoba Skojera





Grilled John Dory is a bit tricky but what is left after grilling is simply delicious!

Konoba Skojera


The Grill Must Go On

The Grill Must Go On

Trpanj 09/15/2013

Our dear guest from Austria are back for their September vacation. The brought some gifts, a big size photo of Amira grilling even in the rain. Also the brought a big glass bottle, more like a barrel with a pipe. It is already in function…



One more good night at Konoba Skojera

One more good night at Konoba Skojera

Trpanj, 08/31/2013 around 7:30 P.M.

Orada 2.7 kilograms, and many other delicious dishes. Goran asked me to take a photo of his mother Amira and the grill master. Amira is the one that will make sure your order is grilled to the perfection. I always admire her standing in the heath of the grill (and occasionally will ask is there enough fire and to add more wood) this night Goran and I measured, it was about 80 Celsius where Amira usually stands while attending your order.

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and the a few more small dishes

??????????????????????????????? DSCN6363

Konoba Skojera beside serving the best food in town is also proud supporter of all public events in Trpanj.

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