Stein Vidar Lie our dear friend from Norway

Stein Vidar Lie our dear friend from Norway is in Trpanj. Stein, for years now brings families from Norway. A tradition already. The story of how he discovered Trpanj and what he does is coming. A part of the story is that they always eat at Konoba Skojera. Here they are tonight (Stein to the…

Octopus under the peka

One of our specialties for dear guests from Germany. Bon appetit! Guten Appetit! Peka: is a cast iron or a blacksmith hand hammered steel round pan with a lid. The ingredients are placed into pan covered with a lid and then buried with hot ashes.

The 2015 Season Open

Q and A: What are our hours? From noon to 22:30. Is there a free Wi-Fi Internet? Yes Do we accept credit and debit cards? Yes, please check our post Our first guests asked for lamb under peka.