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More Family Festivities

Konoba is large enough for all Girls and boys of our community received Holly Confirmation (Chrism) and families celebrated. We were happy and able to accommodate all of them. Sincere Congratulations to all. Tonight the main courses were lamb and veal with potatoes baked under the cast iron bell. It is a traditional dish in Dalmatia. As the appetizer, we served prosciutto and cheese. Yes, … Continue reading More Family Festivities

konoba skojera trpanj restaurant

Daily Specialties

Grilled fish, calamari, vegetables and meat all day fresh and grilled to the perfection + variety of fresh cut vegetable salad. Restaurant Konoba Škojera is conveniently located in downtown Trpanj. We offer outdoor and indoor seating, free parking in the back of the restaurant, free Wi-Fi and we do accept credit and debit cards. Continue reading Daily Specialties