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July 2018

A Dish of Daily Life, 3.

Fish and more fish, please

Fish is very healthy, especially during the summer and heat temperatures. Yesterday we had a small group of 4 for lunch. They started easy with fish and vegetables, then fish and scampi and vegetables.

restaurant trpanj restaurant trpanj


Grilled Adriatic Sardines

Jadranske Srdele na Gradele

it rhymes along with side dishes and, we recommend red wine.

Adriatic fresh catch sardines prepared the old traditional way and then grilled to the perfection on the grill run by firewood and charcoal.

Served with chopped parsley leaves in olive oil and lemon. At your choice, the side dish could be grilled vegetables, and french fries or boiled spinach and potatoes.

Here is our mixed fish plate for two.

grilled fish sardines and vegetables

and Adriatic combo of sardines and calamari for one.

grilled fish sardines and vegetables

Skojera Plate

We offered they ordered

yesterday in the morning in our previous post we recommended our grilled meat plate and in the evening we had several orders.

Here is what one of our guest commented at our Google listing rating and review:

grilled meat plate

They wrote:

“Plato Škojera…podle jídelníčku pro 2 osoby, ale bylo toho moc. Jinak výborné jídlo. Na závěr jako pozornost višňový likér. Děkujeme….líbilo se nám u Vás.🙂”

Rough translation, they hat Skojera plate for 2 people, it was too much. Excellent food…”

The heading photo is showing the plate for 6 people. More in quantity but the same in a variety of ingredients: grilled meat veal or pork, cevapcici, pljeskavica or any combination you like.

The price 150 Kuna for two (20 Euro). A digestivo is on us.

Thank you all 🙂

A Dish of Daily Life, 2.

Grilled meat for the firemen department of Trpanj

A daily fresh cut of meat from the butcher shop at Korcula Island and fresh vegetables from the valley of Neretva River. Meat selection: veal chops and cutlets, pork chops and cutlets, liver, and then a specialty: cevapcici and pljeskavica. Cevapcici (small ground beef sausage) and pljeskavica (ground beef patty) are well known in Croatia and Dalmatian cuisine originating in Middle Eastern cuisine. Cevapcici and pljeskavica are served with chopped onion and ajvar (red peppers and eggplant sauce).

All of our meat dishes are grilled to the perfection on our wood/charcoal open fire grill. The dishes are available separately or in any combination, you would like to have it. The side dish is french fries but upon request, we can have our grilled vegetables as a side dish too.

Ask for our grilled meat plate for two!

grilled veal chops trpanjkonoba skojera restaurant trpanj grilled meat cevapcici trpanjkonoba skojera restaurant trpanj grilled meatkonoba skojera restaurant trpanj grilled meat konoba skojera restaurant trpanj grilled meat

A Dish of Daily Life, 1.

Grilled Fish and Vegetables,

We use daily fresh fish and local gardens produce.

trpanj restaurantstrpanj restaurantskonoba skojera trpanj restaurant

Open for Lunch and Dinner

Every day from noon to midnight

Yes, we are the only restaurant in Trpanj that is open for lunch and dinner and we have the same menu in effect all day long.

A few facts about Konoba Skojera:

the reservations are not required except for our meat under the cast iron bell specialty. If you would like to have you should let us know at least one day in advance.

we have free parking available in our backyard. Free Wi-Fi. Credit and debit cards accepted.

For our menu please come in. here are a few highlights:

we serve daily fresh fish and shellfish, vegetables and meat. Most of our dishes are prepared at the natural firewood/charcoal grill run grill.

we serve several cooked dishes, like risotto, a fish stew (brudet) and we proudly serve the traditional Dalmatian grilled sardines dish.

ask for our daily specialty grilled Adriatic lobster.

konoba skojera family parties welcome Holly Confirmation Chrism 2018. konoba skojera trpanj restaurant baked lamb and potatoes restaurant trpanj baked lamb and potatoes restaurant trpanj the best place to eat in trpanj grilled lobster konoba skojerakonoba skojera family parties welcome Holly Confirmation Chrism 2018.

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