restaurant trpanj kumpanjija

Kumpanjija in Trpanj

The Kumpanjska Dance Company of Blato, Korcula

it is already the tradition to open the summer cultural events in Trpanj.

The Kumpanjija Company cherishing the memory of the historical military unit, one of the oldest in the Croats. The oldest written document about Kumpanji is the Statute of the island of Korcula adopted in 1214, mentioning that there already exists under that name an organized army on the island. Earlier, an old chronicle of the 9th century, which alludes to Ristle, the chronicler of Croat Prince Mislav, mentions an army on our island, the truth not named Kumpanji.

The best article about is at  in Croatian (after visiting the page with the mouse right-click you can have it translated into English)

And as the tradition goes after the show they eat at Konoba Skojera. Where else. The tradition goes dipper: Ante Jovic, Professor of Geography and History was teaching in Blato and Vela Luka. After retiring of teaching Ante founded Konoba in Trpanj. The Jovics’ family is well known by association with Croatian Peasants Party established by Stjepan Radić in 1904. And as it should be you serve the best of what you have in Konoba.

The Kumpanjija choice was grilled meat. Here is the selection of video clips and photos.

Thank you Kumpanjija!

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