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Assumption of Mary

Trpanj 2021.

The Star of the Sea 83 years after

Today is the holiday. Many arrived in Trpanj to observe the Assumption of Mary and celebrate the dedication of the Start of the Sea statue in the Port of Trpanj.

The Star of the Sea was donated by the Weigners’ family. Karlo and Ruže, a husband and wife of Starog Bečkereka (​Vojvodina). The sculpture was carved by the master sculptor Lajoš in 1937. and 1938. A great deal of help was provided by pastor don Spaso Korunić of Trpanj. The dedication was held on August 15th of 1938. at morning mass right at the isle of Škojera.

Konoba is open for lunch and dinner.

Happy holiday to everyone,

The Jovics’ family

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