Closed for the Fall and Winter

Of 2019. We are closed for the fall and winter season. Thank you very much for your patronage and all of the ratings and reviews. See you in the Spring of 2020. Our best to all of you. Goran Jovic 🙂

Kumpanjija in Trpanj

The Kumpanjska Dance Company of Blato, Korcula it is already the tradition to open the summer cultural events in Trpanj. The Kumpanjija Company cherishing the memory of the historical military unit, one of the oldest in the Croats. The oldest written document about Kumpanji is the Statute of the island of Korcula adopted in 1214,…

Woodstock in Trpanj

Two months in the season open and the woodpile is 1/4 gone. The most important part of making your grilled food meal is good firewood and charcoal.

Closed for the winter

Thank you all for your patronage.  It has been a wonderful season. Konoba Škojera is closed for the winter. We hope to see you again in the Spring of 2019.    

A Dish of Daily Life, 2.

Grilled meat for the firemen department of Trpanj A daily fresh cut of meat from the butcher shop at Korcula Island and fresh vegetables from the valley of Neretva River. Meat selection: veal chops and cutlets, pork chops and cutlets, liver, and then a specialty: cevapcici and pljeskavica. Cevapcici (small ground beef sausage) and pljeskavica…

Open for Lunch and Dinner

Every day from noon to midnight Yes, we are the only restaurant in Trpanj that is open for lunch and dinner and we have the same menu in effect all day long. A few facts about Konoba Skojera: the reservations are not required except for our meat under the cast iron bell specialty. If you…

9th International Boccie

Tournament Trpanj 2018. Traditional lunch at Skojera Boccie nation was in Trpanj again. As all previous years, this year was no exception. The second-day lunch gathering was at Konoba. For more tournament photos please click Here.

Motorcycle riders welcome

Two, three or four wheels all are welcome There is a plenty of parking available, credit and debit cards accepted and it is easy to find us in Google directions. Today we hosted dear four-wheeler bikers from Poland.  

2018 Summer Season Open

May 1, 2018 is the official date but we are already running soft opening. It was mellow but very windy winter and we spared some of our best catch for you. Happy summer holidays!  

Baked Lamb and Potatoes

Traditional Dalmatian Dish Lamb or veal with potatoes baked  under the cast iron bell. 🙂

Prague in Trpanj

Adriatic lobster and “some” fish year after year they come and order Adriatic lobster and “some” fish. Our friends from Prague! The wine is on the house! 🙂 Děkuji mnohokrát!

And Motorcycle riders too

All roads are heading to Skojera We have plenty of parking space in the back. Rest your bikes and stop by for refreshments or more serious dishes. All motorcyclist are welcome. 🙂

The Grill Mistress

Mrs. Amira Jovic will make sure your food is cooked to the perfection.

Open for the season of 2017.

The grill is on! Please come in and enjoy a taste of our finest selection of grilled fish, other sea food dishes and variety of grilled meat. Daily fresh and cooked to your satisfaction. Free Parking, Wi-Fi, Credit and debit cards accepted.


The Red Scorpionfish, 1.7kg grilled with vegetables

People are looking for

Grilled fish, calamari or shrimp and vegetables A lot. In Various combinations. All are welcome. 🙂

Seafood and mixed vegetables

Daily Specialties Today we are serving grilled seafood and mixed vegetables. It is a favorite dish of our grill master Amira. I think I don’t have to tell you that is grilled to the perfection. As I was writing this, a group of motorcycle riders came by. We never mentioned but here is, at Skojera…

A Beautiful Night

in Trpanj some fish, calamari, vegetables and meat, a fireplace hot as it should be, a full Moon 🙂

Tonight’s Special

Grilled Adriatic Lobster grilled to the perfection. Here is the video clip: More photos below: