Konoba Škojera, Trpanj Croatia

TripAdvisor Recommended, All major credit and debit cards accepted, Free Wi-Fi


Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia

Grilled Lamb

And Potato Salad

skojera grilled lamb


Seafood Feast

You name it we grill it for you


restoran trpanj


Baked Lamb and Potatoes

Traditional Dalmatian Dish

Lamb or veal with potatoes baked  under the cast iron bell. 🙂

baked lamb and potatoes restaurant trpanj baked lamb and potatoes restaurant trpanj

Prague in Trpanj

Adriatic lobster and “some” fish

year after year they come and order Adriatic lobster and “some” fish. Our friends from Prague! The wine is on the house! 🙂

Děkuji mnohokrát!

And Motorcycle riders too

All roads are heading to Skojera

We have plenty of parking space in the back. Rest your bikes and stop by for refreshments or more serious dishes. All motorcyclist are welcome. 🙂

motorcycles bicyclers bikers friendly restaurants konoba skojera trpanj peljesac croatia

Small fish for big appetite

Sea bream and Two-banded bream are today’s specialty

grilled fish konoba skojera trpanj croatia

The Grill Mistress

Mrs. Amira Jovic

will make sure your food is cooked to the perfection.

where to eat trpanj croatia

Open for the season of 2017.

The grill is on!

Please come in and enjoy a taste of our finest selection of grilled fish, other sea food dishes and variety of grilled meat. Daily fresh and cooked to your satisfaction.

Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia

Free Parking, Wi-Fi, Credit and debit cards accepted.


The Red Scorpionfish, 1.7kg

grilled with vegetables

grilled fish konoba skojera

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