Konoba Škojera, Trpanj Croatia

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Silvia and Darko are in town

Silvia and Darko, our dear guests and friends from Austria are in town

Šampjer, in English John dory ( for our dear friends and guests from Austria. They were here back in May and came again.

our post in May is here

Konoba Skojera


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Konoba Skojera

to the grill

Konoba Skojera

Konoba Skojera





Grilled John Dory is a bit tricky but what is left after grilling is simply delicious!

Konoba Skojera


Dobra Spiza

Dobra Spiza,

The best food food in town

it is very difficult to translate Dobra Spiza – the meaning is good food, the best, better than in other places, you would say in Croatia that Konoba Skojera has good spiza…

Where word Spiza came from into Croatia. After small research I found from Italian: spezia salsa, condimento, spezia nmf = food relish…

Trpanj sinoc, 29/08/2013  (Trpanj last night 29/08/2013)

uvijek je dobra spiza u Goranovoj Konobi Skojera. Sinoc nesto “zesce” narudzbe vjerovatno pod utjecajem dobrih ocjena na Trpadvisor. Dobro se jelo, evo slika:

food is really the best at Goran’s Konoba Skojera. Last night was a bit stronger in orders probably afther all good reviews at Trpavisor. It was a food feast, here are the photos:

Orada za nase goste is Kanade / Gilt-head bream for our guests from Canada

Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia The best fish  Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia The best fish at Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia The best fish at Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia The best fish at Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia

Skampi za nase goste iz Norveske / Norway lobster for our guest from Norway

The best fish at Konoba Skojera Trpanj Croatia

i mjesano meso sa gradela za nase goste iz Njemacke – and fgrilled mixed meat for our guests from Germany

The best fish and meat is at Konoba Skojera Trpanj CroatiaIt was a real food feast!

2013 Season can begin!

Yes we are open! Da otvorili smo!

konoba skojera

Ma daj još malo ribe, hobotnice, ma dodaj i malo sipe

Dnevno svježe, uglavnom sa Visa:





Riba Konoba Skojera

Riba Konoba Skojera

Konoba Skojera

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