Konoba Škojera, Trpanj Croatia

TripAdvisor Recommended, All major credit and debit cards accepted, Free Wi-Fi and Parking


Sweden restaurant

Tradition of quality

Paula and Reidar Ehrlin

is what we keep ever since we started running our restaurant business. That is why many guest are keep coming year after year.

Paula and Reidar are a couple from Eskilstuna in Sweden. Paula is a Judge at the District Court and a member of City Council. Reidar is IT at Geographical Information Systems GIS for an American company ESRI. They travel a lot. 12 years ago they came to visit Trpanj and they decided “to stay”. Coming somewhere for 12 years is like you almost live there. Last 10 years, after spending 2 years discovering where to stay and eat they found: an apartment at Segeting family and Konoba Skojera across the street. They stay across the restaurant where they eat every night at the same time 6:30. What else to say? Oh yes as Paula pointed – Reidar’s son Kalle visited us and it was his third time in Trpanj! Wondering why?

restaurant trpanj restaurant trpanj restaurant trpanj


Our patrons from Sweden

Are in town

12 years in a row they are coming to Trpanj, stay at the Segetins’ family and eat at Skojera. The interview is coming. Meanwhile here is their first day choice.

restaurant trpanj

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