Konoba Škojera, Trpanj Croatia

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wo man in Kroatien essen

Lamb and potatoes

Daily specialty

simple but delicious lamb and potatoes

restaurant trpanj


8 pounds Lagre scale guarnard

for 2 Americans

restoran trpanjrestoran trpanj


Seafood mixer party

Grilled seafood and vegetables mixer party

A guest came by and simply ordered a little bit of everything. And this is it. Yes there was some red wine. 🙂

Restaurant Trpanj



Daily Specialty

Grilled fish and vegetables

Daily fresh and variety of high quality fish and Adriatic calamari grilled to the perfection and served with  grilled vegetables and french-fries. Care for some lemon?

trpanj restoran

Sometime our guest would ask for a side dish of Cevapcici ( ground meat with spices), just like today.

Bon Appétit 🙂

cevapcici trpanj

Ćevapčići (plural form of Ćevapčić) or Ćevapi (pronounced [ʨɛ’va:pi]) is a skinless meat sausage.

Seafood and mixed vegetables

Daily Specialties

Today we are serving grilled seafood and mixed vegetables. It is a favorite dish of our grill master Amira. I think I don’t have to tell you that is grilled to the perfection.

As I was writing this, a group of motorcycle riders came by. We never mentioned but here is, at Skojera all motorcycle and bicycle riders are very welcome. We have plenty of private parking available in the back of Konoba so you can relax insured your precious rides are safe. 🙂

motorcycle and bicycle riders are very welcome to konoba skojerafree parking available

Tonight’s Special

Grilled Adriatic Lobster

grilled to the perfection.

grilled lobster konoba skojera

Here is the video clip:

More photos below:

grilled lobster konoba skojeragrilled lobster konoba skojeragrilled lobster konoba skojeragrilled lobster konoba skojeragrilled lobster konoba skojera

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