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Grilled Lobster

Daily specialty Yes we are open and our grill is on. Thank you all for all of your concern, care and offer to help fighting the most recent, a two days flood in Trpanj. Trpanj was under the horrible thunderstorm and rainfall but we managed to save Konoba. Today we present our specialty Grilled Lobster. It is fairly simple fare: we take the best lobster that … Continue reading Grilled Lobster

The 2015 Season Open

Q and A: What are our hours? From noon to 22:30. Is there a free Wi-Fi Internet? Yes Do we accept credit and debit cards? Yes, please check our post https://konobaskojeratrpanj.com/2014/07/18/credit-cards-accepted/ Our first guests asked for lamb under peka. Continue reading The 2015 Season Open

A new TripAdvisor recommended sticker arrived!

Yes, we will open on May 15th. Our 2015 TripAdvisor recommended stickers arrived in mail. We can open now. Looking forward to see you in Skojera.   Continue reading A new TripAdvisor recommended sticker arrived!