2018 Summer Season Open

May 1, 2018 is the official date but we are already running soft opening. It was mellow but very windy winter and we spared some of our best catch for you. Happy summer holidays!  

Presenting our daily specialties

Meat and potatoes under Peka is a hand forged or a cast iron dish with a cap. Food is placed into the dish, covered with the cap and then buried into hot ashes. Under the cap we put meat, all variety lamb, veal, a goat kid, single or mixed and potatoes. Some could search for…

Thank you Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer at Skojera A popular Austrian group was playing at Mojito bar a week ago. They were playing there and eating here at Skojera. here is what of their member wrote at TripAdvisor: ” by comphima: “Super Küche” Reviewed August 14, 2015 Wir waren dieses Jahr wieder im Skojera. Es war wieder ein toller Abend…

Konoba Skojera Giveaway Dinner

Konoba Skojera Giveaway Dinner was awarded yesterday evening. The visitor counter was at 501 when they arrived (there was no guest at 500 count) an 10,005 views of our pages. The lucky winers are Šárka and Lukáš from Hradec in Czech Republic. Lucky couple came out for dinner at Skojera to celebrate their anniversary, 3.5 year…

Skojera’s old friends are in town

Skojera’s old guest are in town our old guests and friends from Banja Luka and Germany were here last year. They came back saying that the fish they ordered last year was too small for all of them. This year they ordered two. (last year page is at http://wp.me/p2Fdwc-6K) Thank you and we hope to see…

The grill must go on

25 cubic meters of firewood we have spent since beginning of 2014 season. The grill must go on whether or not any orders grilled. Fortunately last night they were many grilled orders. Many Thanks to all of our Patrons!   today we re-supplied with firewood.

A new menu stand

A new menu stand probably helps, a bit. We believe with or without a stand our grill and genuine cuisine  does more. Thank you all visiting our pages.  Over 9,000 views for us means a lot and we hope you will continue with your patronage. The grill is on! Please come.

Naši čeští přátelé

Naši čeští přátelé jsou ve městě Last night, 15/07 around 8:30 pm: grilled lobster and fish

Meg and Jim were in Town

Fw: Thanks for your friendship & hospitality on our recent holiday Konoba Škojera <skojera@yahoo.com> Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 5:07 PM Reply-To: Konoba Škojera <skojera@yahoo.com> On Thursday, July 10, 2014 9:03 PM, “roger…..@….com” <roger…..@…com> wrote: Hi Goran & family We have just checked out your web-site- it is really great. We liked our photos taken at…

From where all good things are coming?

answer is simple as is: Vis Island, Adriatic Sea A hard working man, Goran Jovic and his father in law Mr. Ante Zaninovic at work. A picture is worth thousands words:

Silvia and Darko are in town

Silvia and Darko, our dear guests and friends from Austria are in town Šampjer, in English John dory (fishbase.org) for our dear friends and guests from Austria. They were here back in May and came again. our post in May is here https://konobaskojeratrpanj.com/2013/05/31/ja-wir-sind-offen/   form here to the grill         Grilled John Dory is a bit…

One more good night at Konoba Skojera

One more good night at Konoba Skojera Trpanj, 08/31/2013 around 7:30 P.M. Orada 2.7 kilograms, and many other delicious dishes. Goran asked me to take a photo of his mother Amira and the grill master. Amira is the one that will make sure your order is grilled to the perfection. I always admire her standing…

Dobra Spiza

Dobra Spiza, The best food food in town it is very difficult to translate Dobra Spiza – the meaning is good food, the best, better than in other places, you would say in Croatia that Konoba Skojera has good spiza… Where word Spiza came from into Croatia. After small research I found from Italian: spezia salsa,…

Lignje na žaru

Lignje na žaru / Grilled European squid je li bilo dobro/was it good? treba li vise nego palac gore?! do you need more than thumb up?! Č č  Ć ć  Dž dž  Đ đ  Nj nj Š š  Ž ž

Iz pera Pere Macana

Pero Macan poznati hrvatski bloger komentirao je: “Bili Anira i ja prošlo lito u Trpnju na večeru u restoranu Jovića. Nismo ni znali da je Keti tamo. Spiza odlična, a vino viško. Navratit ćemo i ovo lito.” I ja ću!

Yes we are open!

Please come, No Reservation needed! Our dear friends and for many years guests from Austria arrived. Mahlzeit! We offered Hlap (Adriatic sea lobster) or fish they ordered all and we prepared while they were waiting we grilled to the perfection and proudly served

Getting ready for the Summer Season

Konoba Skojera, Trpanj Croatia Konoba is a typical restaurant in Dalmatia, a region of Croatia spreading along the coast of Adriatic. If are you looking for a top quality place offering the finest food, vines and services – look no more – Konoba “Škojera” is your choice. In a friendly surrounding you will get the best of Dalmatian cuisine…

Teletina i janjetina sa krumpirima

Sinoć se peklo ispod Peke! teletina i janjetina sa krumpirima. Rekli bi jednostavno i cas posla. Ne baš. Vatra i žar bili su pripremljeni oko 4 popodne: Oko 4:30 su otvorili peku i dodali krumpire: Zatvori ponovo Gotovo, oko 6 popodne!