Closed for the Fall and Winter

Of 2019. We are closed for the fall and winter season. Thank you very much for your patronage and all of the ratings and reviews. See you in the Spring of 2020. Our best to all of you. Goran Jovic 🙂

Yes we are open

in October serving lunch and dinner. No Reservation needed. Free parking on the site and Wi-Fi.

Late in September 2019.

A special for our guests from the Czech Republic Grilled lamb and veal roasted under the cast iron bell.

September choice

of the day Grilled fish and vegetables. Even the days are still hot the night are already cooler. It is nice by the fire. Watch the sunset in Trpanj and then to dinner to Skojera.

The Star of the Sea

Celebration of St. Mary day in Trpanj It is a great tradition in Trpanj. The Star of the Sea was dedicated 81 years ago on August 15. 1938. On this day many eat meat. Our specialty for today si grilled fish. Happy Holiday of Velika Gospa!

Kumpanjija Again

The second show in the summer of 2019. The show was great. Someone asked why they don’t eat fish? Simply meat was always the first choice. If there was no meat people would eat fish. It was the late hour after the show.10:25PM

A Taste of Dalmatia

Grilled sardines mixed with scampy and meat or not. Served together or separately upon your request. As always grilled to the perfection.

Kumpanjija in Trpanj

The Kumpanjska Dance Company of Blato, Korcula it is already the tradition to open the summer cultural events in Trpanj. The Kumpanjija Company cherishing the memory of the historical military unit, one of the oldest in the Croats. The oldest written document about Kumpanji is the Statute of the island of Korcula adopted in 1214,…

Grilled Lamb

The dish of the day Simple, as is Grilled lamb with home-made potato fries garnished with chopped onion and ajvar.

Fish of the Day in July

Škrpina Scorpaena scrofa  is the largest eastern Atlantic scorpion fish. This species is found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea. We have served grilled with vegetables to our guests from Czech Republic. Free parking on the site, free Wi-Fi, credit and debit cards accepted.

Woodstock in Trpanj

Two months in the season open and the woodpile is 1/4 gone. The most important part of making your grilled food meal is good firewood and charcoal.

Fish or?

You name it We will grill it for you.

Paula and Reidar Ehrlin

Again! Wondering why? Good food and wine, cozy place and friendly staff? Affordable prices and top-notch service? Or all together? Ask them. We are glad and happy they came back. The photos are featuring our suggestion for the farewell dinner. Grilled lamb and vegetables along with the best local wine.

The Season Opening

Boccie crowd The 10. anniversary of the boccie tournament Trpanj. Dedicated to supporting Faraon Trpanj. No matter how much it cost!  

Yes We are Open for 2019. Season

May the 1st is the national Labor day holiday in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe.  The tradition is to go out gather with friends and other people and eat at the restaurant. Instead of wiring what is on the menu please read a very first review our guest left at TripAdvisor: Vendace, a TripAdvisor member…